Internet "Open Link" Policy

Educational organizations and students are invited to link to this site. Advance permission is not required before linking. However, we invite you to notify the
Webmaster of your linkage so that we may inform you when changes occur to the site’s content.

We ask that you honor the following requests:

Please attribute external links to EJITE to clearly indicate that the site is separate from your own web site.

Please avoid linking to the site from within frames as some pages or content may be distorted when viewed within external frames.

Please use the appropriate root URL whenever possible. However, educational users may "deep link" to specific articles without obtaining written permission.

Root URL: http://ejite.isu.edu

Please respect content ownership and do not plagiarize content from EJITE.

Please routinely verify links to this site as revisions to the site may occur without notice.

EJTIE's ISSN: 1556-5378

Thank you for your interest in EJITE.

EJITE's Internet "Open Link" Policy was created by B. Ray on July 28, 2002. In the interest of open communications and the sharing of ideas, this page and its contents are not copyright protected. However, U.S. Copyright Law protects all other content on the EJITE web site.

EJITE's Internet "Open Link" Policy was adapted from the original Open Link Policy (1999) available online at http://lowendmac.com/link.shtml

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